Bitcoin Research Day
27th October 2023
Midtown NYC
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The event

The Bitcoin Research Day is dedicated to academic research that benefits Bitcoin, aimed to bring together researchers and developers. The event will consist of talks and open discussions on cryptography, P2P networks, and more.

The Format

  • Research talks

    Leading researchers will present contemporary theoretical work. Followed by discussion and open problems

  • Development challenges

    Solutions implemented in Bitcoin and in the Lightning Network will be presented by the developers leading them. Possible next steps and practical wish lists will be stated and discussed

  • Bitcoin Research Prize Ceremony

    An announcement of the winner and the runner-ups, followed by a presentation of the winner

  • Happy Hour

    Drinks, snacks, and even more chatting!

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Picture of Victor Shoup

Victor Shoup


Picture of Benedikt Bünz

Benedikt Bünz

Espresso Systems/NYU

Picture of Ethan Heilman

Ethan Heilman


Picture of Ittay Eyal

Ittay Eyal


Picture of Maria Apostolaki

Maria Apostolaki


Picture of Carla Kirk-Cohen

Carla Kirk-Cohen

Chaincode Labs

Picture of Mark Erhardt

Mark Erhardt

Chaincode Labs

Picture of Martin Zumsande

Martin Zumsande

Chaincode Labs

Picture of Pieter Wuille

Pieter Wuille

Chaincode Labs